Protect Help Give Podcast

Find a Common Space! With JM Ryerson & Wendell Jordan Jr.

September 15, 2021 Host: Nathan Snarr Episode 82
Protect Help Give Podcast
Find a Common Space! With JM Ryerson & Wendell Jordan Jr.
Show Notes

Episode #82:  Sales and Marketing are inextricably linked together, whether we like it or not.  You could have the best marketing in the world, delivering leads to you in droves but if you can't sell, "what's the point"?  Wendell Jordan Jr. is an expert in digital marketing and web design but he is a sales person at heart.  He brought so many tangible tactics to the conversation on sales, that it took a concerted effort to get to the subject of marketing.  Wendell's sales process and client relationships are so strong that over 90% of his business is referral based.  How does he do it?  Come join us on this fun, fact filled episode and find out.  Your pocketbook will be glad you did!

Wendell Jordan Jr. is a passionate and dedicated professional in web designing and the digital marketing sector. He has 10 years of experience in sales and marketing. Currently, he is the owner of Jordan Marking Consultants, a digital agency focused on high ROI marketing solutions. Jordan and his expert team promote businesses with compelling digital marketing strategies and deliver measurable outcomes in real-time.

Wendell started his career as a business development and sales rep for a web design agency. Along the way, he learned some of the basics of web design. Wendell began to analyze the current processes he sold and found other ways he could serve his clients to maximize their revenues and visibility in competitive markets.

With in-depth digital marketing strategies and techniques, Wendell now stands out in the crowd for delivering affordable marketing solutions to his clients.

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